Publish Date : 2022-05-17
5th Ethnosport Culture Festival is in Istanbul on June 9-12

The World Ethnosport Confederation (WEC) will hold the 5th Cultural Festival, which attracts great attention, at Istanbul Ataturk Airport between 9-12 June 2022. Visitors can attend all events free of charge.


Participation From 30 Countries

According to WEC’s statement, this year the festival, which will take place for the 5th time, will ensure participation from 30 countries. Many events such as traditional sports and games, traditional arts, gastronomy, and performing arts will be hosted within the festival that will open its doors to its visitors at Ataturk Airport.


Free Experience Opportunities

Visitors who will have the opportunity to watch many competitions at the festival, which includes events appealing to groups of all ages, they will be able to experience many traditional sports and games such as archery, horse riding under the supervision of professionals free of charge. At the same time, the workshops in the area will provide the opportunity to experience many branches of traditional arts.

During the festival, visitors will also have the opportunity to learn about traditional sports and games, as well as nature and animal communication.


Special Activities for Children and Disadvantaged Groups

Special events will be waiting for children at the 5th Ethnosport Culture Festival. Children will be able to spend time with their families in the festival area with traditional sports and games.

Special events, competitions and stage events for disadvantaged groups will also add color to the festival. The festival will offer accessible opportunities for disadvantaged groups with hippotherapy, a barbecue tournament for the visually impaired, workshops and events staged by disabled artists.


World Cultures are at This Festival

While the World Ethnosport Confederation, which will offer many opportunities of experience to the visitors, presents the tastes of the world cuisine to the participants; Karabakh Horses, which put their signature under unique shows, will also provide unforgettable moments to the visitors.

The 5th Ethnosports Culture Festival will open its doors to visitors on June 9, where cities from Turkey are introduced, oba life comes to life in clay tents, handicraft workshops and activities with many shows take place.