Ethnosport Cultural Festival in Istanbul on October 3-6
Publish Date : 2019-09-20
Ethnosport Cultural Festival in Istanbul on October 3-6

The Ethnosport Cultural Festival, organized by the World Ethnosport Confederation, will be held in Istanbul on October 3-6.

The festival, which is prepared to welcome one million visitors, will be held under the slogan "Pilavdan Dönenin Kaşığı Kırılsın(Never give-up)" highlighting perseverance, determination, and struggle. This year the 4th festival will be held at Ataturk Airport with the participation of 16 countries, including guest country Argentina. Approximately one thousand athletes will participate in the festival in 12 traditional sports including traditional archery, oil wrestling, shalwar wrestling, belt wrestling, ABA wrestling, mas Wrestling, Mangala, aşık atma, equestrian javelin, kökbörü, equestrian archery, and pato.

The festival, which will feature 250 athletes in the wrestling category alone, will also host an oil wrestling festival for four days. Berkin Aras, who won the gold medal at the fifteenth Equestrian Archery Championships in South Korea this year, will also compete in the equestrian archery category.

Special Events For Children

Children will enjoy traditional games at Ethnosport Cultural Festival.

Participants who will watch competitions in the organization will be able to try many sports and games, such as Arrow throwing, horse riding, Asik, and Mangala game, free of charge, under the supervision of professionals.

The kids spinning top, Square, tic-tac, kale, pansies, fall, Bounce Ball, the head of bezirgan, three stone, five stone, nine stone, marbles, jump rope, swing, sack races, egg race handling, spoon puppet, fairy tales, riddles-cubes mania, rural folk games, Trump game, hopscotch, children's theatre, and grabbing a tissue will have the chance to play games such as leapfrog.

Festival our day to introduce traditional cultural values of Afghanistan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Sudan, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Palestine, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Romania, and Zimbabwe will be presented to visitors traditional dishes of the 15 countries. From oba life in haircloth tents to historical crafts workshops, from Sword Shield shows to equestrian shows, many activities will take place in the festival area.