Publish Date : 2021-09-09
WEC Central Asian Ethnosports Committee (CAEC) Meeting Was Held Online

WEC Central Asian Ethnosport Committee (CAEC) Meeting was held online on September 8, 2021 with World Ethnosport Confederation (WEC) President Necmeddin Bilal Erdoğan in attendance. The meeting proceeded with the agenda items of “The Uzbekistan experience on developing and popularizing national and traditional equestrian sports” and the presentation of the magazine Ethnosport.


Beginning with the opening speech from WEC President Necmeddin Bilal Erdoğan, the meeting was the scene for many promising developments in traditional sports and games. Starting his speech by thanking the attendees, Mr. Necmeddin Bilal Erdoğan noted that the Ethnosport Forum offers an important opportunity for achieving the short-, medium-, and long-term goals of traditional sports and games while talking about the activities that are being planned and carried out in line with WEC’s vision and mission. Alongside this, he shared good news about the 2nd Stage of the Mas-Wrestling World Cup that will be hosted by WEC in Istanbul on September 18-19, which will be carried out under the leadership of the Erasmus Project, which will take place soon in Istanbul with the International Belt Wrestling Federation, and of the Association of National Sports and Games of the People of Yakutia.


Talking about the distance that had been covered with the adoption of the President of Uzbekistan’s “On the Creation of Equestrian Schools” Decree, Mr. Erdoğan lastly declared that the developments experienced in Uzbekistan would contribute not only to the development of traditional sports and games in the country but also in Central Asia. Mr. Erdoğan finished his speech by thanking Uzbekistan President Shavkat Mirziyoyev and the officials from all the associations and federations operating in the field of traditional sports and games in Uzbekistan and those involved in the Central Asian Ethnosport Committee for their efforts.