Publish Date : 2021-07-11
The SINADE Held For the Second Time by Mexico’s National Commission of Physical Culture and Sport (CONADE)

Mexico’s National Commission of Physical Culture and Sport (CONADE) held the 2nd SINADE event with the participation of all Mexican sports federations prior to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games that had been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and will be held this year.

The event started with the opening speeches from CONADE Director Ana Gabriela Guevara Espinoza and the regional Governor Carlos Manuel Joaquin Gonzalez. The agenda of traditional sports and games was also included in the program with the recommendations and contributions from the Mexican Traditional and Autochthonous Games and Sports Federation, a World Ethnosport Confederation (WEC) member.

WEC President Necmeddin Bilal Erdoğan delivered a speech on WEC’s vision and activities within the framework of this agenda. Emphasizing in his speech the importance of keeping alive Mexico’s ancient traditional sportive and cultural values through popularization, WEC President Erdoğan pointed out how ethnosports play an important role in remembering and playing all sports that have been forgotten or lost their presence around the world, through the bridges of international friendship and competition.

WEC’s President also talked about how having all youths remember their own sports and culture and be engaged in these sports will help raise generations that are more self-confident and self-aware. After showing the short film introducing Mexican culture at the end of the program, Necmeddin Bilal Erdoğan thanked CONADE Director Ana Gabriela Guevara Espinoza for her hospitality in hosting the event.