Publish Date : 2024-01-09
The 6th Ethnosport Forum Will Be Held in Antalya

The 6th Ethnosport Forum, originally planned for 2023 then postponed due to the February 6th earthquake in Kahramanmaraş, will now take place in Antalya between February 16th and 18th, 2024. Focusing on the importance of traditional sports and exploring strategies for their short, medium, and long-term objectives.

Since its establishment, the World Ethnosport Confederation has remained committed to preserving the inherent identity of traditional sports and games, aiming to enhance cross-cultural interaction and visibility. With a foundation rooted in respect for humanity's shared values, the WEC (World Ethnosport Confederation) continues its activities, aspiring to refresh the collective memory of societies through traditional sports and games. In this spirit, the WEC will convene at the 6th Ethnosport Forum to discuss the short, medium, and long-term strategies for traditional sports.


Antalya Hosts International Assembly

Representatives from 30 institutional members participate, coming from countries such as Kazakhstan, Japan, Mexico, Qatar, Mongolia, Argentina, Türkiye, Tunisia, Poland, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Romania, Russia, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Hungary, and Uzbekistan are expected to attend. Moreover, more than 10 state ministers and government officials from 75 different countries will be participating. Additionally, representatives from federations, researchers, and academics will also be in attendance.


Coming Together for the Revitalization of Traditional Sports

The forum will host sessions where experts in the field will discuss the future of traditional sports. Crucial topics such as the contribution of Ethnosport to international cooperation, financial resources, and media strategies in Ethnosport, and the widespread promotion of awards for traditional sports and games will be discussed throughout the forum. High-ranking state representatives from various countries will also participate.


WEC President Necmeddin Bilal Erdoğan’s Opening Speech

The President of the World Ethnosport Confederation, Necmeddin Bilal Erdoğan, will address participants in the opening speech. Following the opening remarks, the forum will continue with a Ministerial Panel. Hosting various events over two days, the forum will make significant contributions to the projection of "Revival of Traditional Sports."


Take Your Place in the Future of Traditional Sports

This meaningful event is now waiting for you in Antalya! If you want to take your place in the future of traditional sports, make your application until February 1, 2024. Get the chance to participate in the Ethnosport Forum!


Who Can Participate?
Institutions and organizations interested in traditional sports and games.


Be a Part of This Unique Experience!

Join the 6th Ethnosports Forum to shape the future of traditional sports and discover the newest ideas in this field.


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