Publish Date : 2020-02-21
The International Summit of Traditional Sports is Starting!

200 participants; including ministers, government officials, fedration delegates, and academics from 49 countries will meet in Antalya, Turkiye in 22nd – 23rd of February 2020 for the 3. International Ethnosport Forum conveined with the theme “Revival of Traditional Sports”. The forum; organized by Word Ethnosport Confederation under the presidency of Necmeddin Bilal Erdoğan, held joint studies for the future of traditional sports and games of many countries; from Japan to Kazakhstan, and from Morocco to Argentina.
The 3rd International Ethnosport Forum, whose preparations had begun months prior, will convene in Antalya, Turkiye in 22nd – 23rd of February 2020 with the aim of determining problems faced by traditional sports in order to offer solutions based on personal and institutional experiences. The forum will provide a platform for exchange of ideas regarding traditional sports and games betweendifferent countries from all corners of the world, and ways to carry traditional sports and games to a better position will be discussed in panels and sessions that will be held. International Ethnosport Forum will look to generate ideas to realize short, mid and long term aims for traditional sports and games.