Publish Date : 2023-10-03
Important Steps Taken in Uzbekistan for Traditional Archery

The International Ethnosport Festival and Ethnosport Summit held in Khiva on September 8-9 witnessed exciting developments in traditional sports and games. At the Summit, where ministries and non-governmental organizations were stakeholders, a Memorandum of Understanding covering international cooperation between the traditional archery federations of the participating countries was signed.

The Ethnosport Summit, which took place in Khiva, Uzbekistan on September 8-9 under the stakeholder of the World Ethnosport Confederation (WEC), was held with the participation of government officials, federation representatives and academicians from more than 60 countries, as well as 24 institutional representatives currently operating within the WEC.

At the Summit, where social, economic and political issues related to traditional sports and games were discussed, an international Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the traditional archery federations of the participating countries, including the establishment of the World Traditional Archery Federation. The Memorandum of Understanding, which will be followed by WEC, was signed by the officials of the following traditional archery federations in order to revive and increase the awareness of traditional archery worldwide:


  • Mr. Cengiz Toksöz - Turkish Traditional Archery Federation
  • Mr. Alda F. Amtha - Indonesian Horseback Archery Sport Association
  • Mr. Bakyt Toktomatov - Traditional and Horseback Archery Federation of Kyrgyzstan
  • Ms. Bayartsetseg Yambiidonchir - Mongolian Traditional Archery Association
  • Mr. Dias Akhmetov - Republican Federation of Traditional Archery
  • Mr. Kazim Gurbanov - National Sport Association of Azerbaijan
  • Mr. Lukas Novotny - Saluki Bow Association
  • Mr. Mohammad Alfyan Ariff Bin Bahari - Traditional Archers Association of Singapore
  • Mr. Oybek Norinbayev - Uzbekistan Ethnosport Association
  • Mr. Peter Bogar - Slovakian Traditional Archery Federation
  • Mr. Spyros Bakas - Koryvantes Association
  • Mr. Tamas Lovasz - Hungarian Archery Association
  • Mr. Vepa Sahedov - National Archery Federation of Turkmenistan
  • Mr. Zainurin Osman - Persatuan Memanah Tradisional Malaysia
  • Mr. Fatih Suiçmez (Observer) - Archery Federation of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus