Publish Date : 2023-04-13
Ethnosport Event Truck in Earthquake Zone

The World Ethnosport Confederation continues to organize cultural and social events as well as shelter projects to heal the wounds in the earthquake region. The traditional sports and games themed events that took place in the Solidarity Obası in Kahramanmaraş are now taking place throughout the region through the Event Truck. 


The Activity Truck Project has come to life

The World Ethnosport Confederation has launched the Event Truck project to ensure that the events organized in the Solidarity Obası reach all children and adults in the region. The Ethnosport Event Truck met with earthquake victims in Kılavuzlu, Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu Park, Göksun, Avşar, Pazarcık and Adıyaman tent city in Kahramanmaraş.


Hosting Traditional Sports and Games

The Ethnosport Event Truck hosts special programs for children and adults with many activities such as horse riding, archery, arrow wars, board games, castle game, mas wrestling, pottery game, mounted javelin, spinning top and VR games. Thousands of children and adults participate in the events and have the opportunity to experience traditional sports and games.

The truck will continue to visit tent and container cities in the region within the planned programs.