Publish Date : 2021-09-28
5th Ethnosport Culture Festival Postponed

Organized by the World Ethnosport Confederation with the aim of promoting and making traditional sports and cultures sustainable and planned for the 5th time this year as one of the world’s most richly attended events, the Ethnosport Culture Festival has been postponed to a later date with the emphasis on acting in solidarity.

Successive disasters this year have made it essential to postpone to a later date the Ethnosport Culture Festival, whose purpose is to act in solidarity. We cannot remain indifferent to the suffering disasters have caused; we state that we will be a part of the strong solidarity that all the institutions and organizations of our country show by joining hands with our nation.

With these thoughts and feelings, we are announcing that we will organize activities in schools aimed at support and motivation in the regions damaged as a result of the flooding and forest fire disasters. We believe that our students will adapt to the new era of education and training with great motivation through activities formed from traditional sports and games.

In these challenging times, we declare our support to the public with the belief that the spirit of togetherness will be exhibited at the 5th Ethnosport Culture Festival and will be the hope for our future by carrying over to the solidarity-based activities that will be held in the disaster areas.

“Announced with respect to the public’’