Publish Date : 2024-06-26
The 6th Ethnosport Cultural Festival Has Come to a Close

The 6th Ethnosport Culture Festival organized by the World Ethnosport Confederation (WEC) ended with an award ceremony and Kıraç concert. The festival, which hosted different events between June 6-9, was the center of attention of the national and international public.


The 6th Ethnosport Culture Festival, which took place at Atatürk Airport between June 6-9, hosted nearly 1 and a half million visitors. In the festival, which attracted the intense interest of people of all ages, especially children, young people and families, beautiful events met with visitors for 4 days. The festival, which has a rich content from traditional sports to games, from traditional arts to universal flavors, gave its visitors unforgettable moments.


Speaking to the press at the closing ceremony of the 6th Ethnosport Culture Festival, one of the world’s largest cultural festivals, Mr. Dr. Hakan Kazancı, Vice President of the World Ethnosport Confederation, said. Dr. Hakan Kazancı said, “We left behind a full 4 days. We are extremely pleased to meet our people here. We hope that the interest in the Festival will continue exponentially next year.”


Free Experience Opportunities

Activities appealing to visitors of all ages were offered throughout the festival. Traditional sports and games such as arrow shooting and horse riding accompanied by professionals were offered to visitors free of charge. In addition, the workshops in the festival area provided the opportunity to experience traditional arts.

Throughout the festival, visitors had the opportunity to learn about traditional sports and games, nature and animal communication.


Special Events for Children and Disadvantaged Groups

Ethnosport Culture Festival hosted special events for children. Children had fun with traditional sports and games with their families.

Special events, competitions and stage performances for disadvantaged groups added color to the festival. Accessible opportunities were offered to disadvantaged groups with hippotherapy, visually impaired mangala tournament, workshops and events where disabled artists performed.

In the Solidarity Obası, which was established in the festival area, attention was drawn to the February 6 Kahramanmaraş earthquake, while awareness raising activities were carried out on the massacre committed by Israel in Palestine since October 7.


Hundreds of Stage Performances

During the 4-day festival, dozens of performances were staged and many teams such as Turkish World Music and Dance Ensemble, Azerbaijan Cultural Center Folk Dance Ensemble, Uzbek Culture Group took part. Also within the scope of the Festival, famous names such as Serkan Çağrı, Sedat Anar, Mazhar Alanson and Kıraç met with their fans.


World Cultures Introduced

The World Ethnosport Confederation offered various experiences to the visitors, while flavors from the world cuisine under the leadership of TIKA took their place in the area. In addition, visitors had the opportunity to taste coffees from different cultures with YTB’s World Coffees stand. Karabakh Horses, which attracted attention with their unique shows, also gave visitors unforgettable moments.

The 6th Ethnosport Culture Festival, where different cities of Turkey were introduced, oba life was revived in tents, handicraft workshops and many shows took place, ended with Kıraç concert.