Dek Kazakhstan Press Release - September 09, 2019


2nd International EthnosporT Forum in Kazakhstan

World Ethnosport Confederation is an international organization tat is engaged in activities to increase the recognition of traditional sports and games, and to expand their reach. The headquarters for the organization that was established in Bishkek was moved to Istanbul in 2017. The organization supports traditional games and sports that are handed down from generation to generation, the conservation, practice and sustainability of of these activities and the organization aims to make these activities more permanent and systematic, as a roof organization.

 The confederation held many successful events, heavily attended by participants from all around the world. As the main sponsor of World Nomad Games, which are considered the pinnacle of traditional games, the Confederation held the Ethnosport Culture Festival in Turkey for three years in a row and allowed hundreds of thousands of people to learn about ancestral sports or refresh their memories. Furthermore, the Confederation maintains contact with local events, and supports events that focus on traditional sports and games.

 The World Ethnosport Confederation has brought together field knowledge and academic knowledge through activities such as seminars, meetings and forums. The 1st International Ethnospor Forum, one of the most important of these events, was held on 17-18 February 2018 in Antalya with the title of "Revival of Traditional Sports." With the participation of more than 100 organizations and over 200 delegates from 56 countries, the sessions focused on:

• The popularization and globalization of traditional sports

• Loyalty, Club Establishment and Club Problems in Traditional Sports

• The Role of Ethnosports in Communication Between Generations and Cultures

• Local Governments and Traditional Sports

• School Sports, Traditional Sports in Primary-Secondary and Higher Education

The final statement declared as a result of the discussions and the issues discussed in the sessions provided a road map for ethnosports. The forum is a meeting point for people working for traditional sports throughout the world to identify the problems of traditional sports, presenting solutions based on personal and organizational experiences, relaying experiences from various geographies, and the second of this forum will be held in April 20-21 2019 in Almaty/Khazakstan.

The event, which was held with the theme of "Revival of Traditional Sports", hosted by the Ethnosport Association of Kazakhstan, one of the members of the World Ethnosport Confederation, addressed both the issues discussed in the previous forum and led to a new and different approach to the field with the new topics it opened, just like in the first forum. 

World Etnosport Confederation is watching with interest and appreciation the works of Ethnosport Association of Kazakhstan, who are the hosts of this important meeting, and offers its thanks to both the institution and all the participants for their support.