Mangala is a Turkish intelligence and strategy game. Played with two people. There are 12 small pits on the board, 6 on each player's side, and a large compartment where each player collects their stones. Mangala is played with 48 stones The aim of the player is to collect the most stones in his own compartment. The player who gets the right to start as a result of the draw, takes 4 pieces from the well in his area.

He places one stone back into the pit from which he took it, and drops one stone in each pit to the right until he runs out of stones. If the last stone comes to the compartment, the player gets to play another turn. If the player has a single stone in his pit, he can move this stone to the right when it's his turn. Then the turn passes to the opponent. Each time the last stone in the hands of the player determines the fate of the game.

Players distribute 48 stones to each well, 4 pieces each. 6 small wells side by side in front of each player in the game constitute the player's territory. 6 small wells opposite are the opponent's territory. Players try to accumulate the most stones in their compartments. At the end of the game, the player who collects the most stones wins the game set. The game starts with a draw.