In the Crimean dialect, this wrestling style is called “küreş", and is performed in Hıdırellez and in entertainments and weddings called “tepresh”. Tepreş ceremony is a widespread entertainment among Crimean Turks in Romania and turkey, and wrestling matches held according to Crimean Turkish traditions are held on soft ground or green grass, accompanied by drums and pipes.

Wrestlers are divided into three groups according to ages and weights, and try to hold the opponent from his belt, and to make him fall to "shalk" (two shoulders touching the floor).

Belt Wrestling is also seen in the Sumerians. Recognition of the idea that Summerians are Turks coming from Turkmenistan indicades that Belt Wrestling spread out from Central Asia. Crimean Turks, who brought belt wrestling into Anatolia, have brought it when emigrating from Turkmenistan to Crimea.