Stars Karakucak Wrestles Turkey Championship, which takes place in Kocakavak Wrestle Competitions which is organized by Turhal Municipality, Turhal District Governorship and Turhal Wrestle Lovers Association annually will take place in Turhal on September 15, Sunday. A total prize of 15 thousand liras will be distributed in Karakucak Wrestles which is sponsored by Tokat Sports Project and Kayseri-Boğazlıyan-Turhal Sugar Factories Management Board. (35-40)-45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80 and (+80-110) KG Competitions will take place in Championship. Competitions will take place in Turhal Sugar Factories Wrestling Arena. Turhal Mayor İlker Bekler said “Karakucak Wrestles is our ancestor sport and everybody should be supporting this sport. As Turhal Municipality we keep supporting this sport with Kocakavak Wrestles which we organize each year. We’re looking forward to another beautiful event on September 15th Sunday. I invite all wrestle lovers to Turhal.” Stating that attendance to Kocakavak Wrestles is pretty high.



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