The festival was held on May 11-14, 2017 at Yenikapi Square in Istanbul, and competitions were held in 11 traditional branches. Many activities including oba life in goathair tents, traditional handcraft workshops, sword-shield shows and equestrian shows were held. A total of 295 athletes, 45 of whom were chief wrestlers, came to the Proving Grounds in Fatah Oil Wrestling. In addition to the tents of 14 Turkic Republics and communities, two cities from each Turkish region also had tents. Children participating in the organization found the opportunity to play games such as spinning top, hoop, tiktak, castle, violet, lover, splashing ball, the head of the tiger, three stones, five stones, nine stones, marbles, skipping rope, swing, sack race, egg carrying race, spoon puppet, fairy tale, riddle-mania cubes, village spectator games, trump game, hopscotch, children's theater, handkerchief grabber and leapfrog. The events in which 843 athletes competed attracted the attention of nearly 500 thousand visitors.

Yenikapi Square - Fatih
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